“Just like every other public safety drone pilot, I have many other responsibilities not related to my drone program. While I’m confident in my ability to fly a mission, I lack the time, ability, or expertise required to fully understand a drone crash. I simply do not want to rely on the manufacturer to tell me what caused an accident. After submitting my incident report, Steve clearly went out of his way to ensure that the true cause of the incident was investigated as thoroughly as possible giving me an understanding and ammunition in case the manufacture wants to push the blame onto the pilot. I cannot express how important it is to contribute an incident report to someone who has your back and understands your flight missions.

Thanks again Steve!”

Since manufacturers do not distribute information regarding known issues my intention with this site is to provide public-safety pilots with factual information about issues they may not know about so they can make the best decisions possible about if it is safe to fly to help avoid unnecessary liability.

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