DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2 – Accident – 2019-11-08

Drone Manufacturer: DJI
Drone Model: Phantom 4 Pro V2
Country: United States of America
Type: Accident
Date: 2019-11-08
Applies: Daytime
Pilot Qualifications: Licensed or Certificated by Aviation Authority
Pilot Flight Experience: 100 Hours
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File Uploaded: None


During a routine mapping mission at 400′ AGL the drone suddenly spiraled down to the ground without warning. No indication of any trouble with the device appears in the logs, nor was there evidence of a bird or insect strike of some kind.

On finding the drone at the crash site, the unit was still powered on and propellers were still operating, though no telemetry was being broadcast. Extensive signs of crash damage were present, but nothing that suggested the cause of failure.

Repair estimates described hull and gimbal/camera repairs, but did not address any motor- or controller-related problems that might have contributed to the crash.

Reported Cause

Unknown! Simply dropped from the sky.