DJI Inspire 1 – Accident – 2016-06-01

Drone Manufacturer: DJI
Drone Model: Inspire 1
Country: United States of America
Type: Accident
Date: 2016-06-01
Applies: Daytime
Pilot Qualifications: Licensed or Certificated by Aviation Authority
Pilot Flight Experience: Unknown Hours
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I was leisurely taking pictures of the sunset and the lights around the cathedral with my DJI Inspire 1 Pro drone. After approximately 7 minutes of flight with approximately 5+ minutes left of flight and 58% battery life and visual contact the UAS lost signal with the ground control unit and ‘disconnected’. It was last visually seen above a parking lot. At this point I initiated lost signal procedures to return the UAS at 400 feet to home. After approximately 10 minutes I considered it a flyaway. I had my wife stay at the home (return) location as I looked for the UAS and looked until [late that night] and did not recover the UAS. I called the local PD and made a lost property report at that time. [Three days later] I received a call from a police detective saying that they had recovered the drone but would not release it or any information until [2 days later]. When I met with the detective she informed me that there was no injury but approximately $500 in property damage occurred (broken window) in an unoccupied space and fell 25 stories with no injury to people. She also indicated that there were no local laws broken or punitive measure taken. The drone had been totaled and she released it back to me at this time. I met with the property owner of the [building] and gave him my insurance info.

Reported Cause

Loss of control.