Parrot Parrot ANAFI USA Thermal – Incident – 2021-09-21

Drone Manufacturer: Parrot
Drone Model: Parrot ANAFI USA Thermal
Country: United States of America
Type: Incident
Date: 2021-09-21
Applies: Daytime
Pilot Qualifications: Approved by Public Safety Agency or Company
Pilot Flight Experience: 50 Hours
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File Uploaded: None


Was testing the new Thermal ANAFI UAS on the second battery (Brand New) when I noticed that the flight time was great. The battery level showed 96% which I thought was odd since I had been up at least 20 mins. Had the drone at hover mode and was looking at all the battery power settings and noticed the controller battery power had not dropped either. The next thing I know, I get a message on the bottom of the screen that said something like, Drone Motor Failure. I looked up and still saw the UAS so I thought it was odd. Went to RTH and the next thing, I know the UAS falls to the ground (Empty Grass Field) causing the battery to fall out and damage to the UAS that it would no longer power on.

Reported Cause

Looking at the little info I was able to get since the UAS would not power on. I was flying for over 26 mins and the battery level was at 96% which is the same as when I took off. The flight log shows the battery level was never reporting anything to the controller.

Parrot Anafi USA Crash Data