DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual – Accident – 2021-05-20

Drone Manufacturer: DJI
Drone Model: Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual
Country: United States of America
Type: Accident
Date: 2021-05-20
Applies: Daytime
Pilot Qualifications: Licensed or Certificated by Aviation Authority
Pilot Flight Experience: 3 Hours
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The pilot was flying at approx. 100 ft. AGL taking photos of a building. Weather conditions were favorable (overcast skies, moderate wind (approx. 15 mph), approx. 80° F). The pilot states while hovering, he went to take a photo, and the aircraft just fell from the sky. The damage to the aircraft is a total loss.

Reported Cause

The pilot failed to initially tell the program manager he had an incident just prior to this one where the aircraft propeller struck an object. The pilot stated he inspected the aircraft and replaced the propeller and found no further damage. After the first incident, the pilot had trouble getting the replacement propeller to seat correctly on the motor. It is believed this failure to properly seat was a possible cause of the crash. It is also believed the first incident with the propeller may have caused a broken piece of the propeller to become lodged in the motor making it impossible for the replacement propeller to properly seat.